Musiland Monitor Air 2 hifi Stereo Speaker intelligent digital bluetooth

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Musiland Monitor Air 2 intelligent Bluetooth TV Stereo Speaker 2.1 Computer Subwoofer
100% Brand New

Musiland Monitor Air 2 has High-power horn cinematic shock sound、Self-priming net、 Mobile phone remote intelligent operation、Gorgeous appearance of quality selection、Strong technical support


All items guaranteed 100% BRAND NEW in the original edition Box.


A 4-inch electric bass speaker:
Large magnets to strengthen control
T-iron special convex back design. Long stroke
Thickened T-iron and Wafer Improve Transient Response
Unique airflow holes reduce motion damping. Enhance voice coil cooling
Thicker oxygen-free copper voice coils provide plenty of power
CONEX material elastic wave to improve elasticity and fatigue resistance
Composite paper diaphragm with thickness up to I.5mm Ultra-low split vibration
Thick paper, iron composite hat to enhance low frequency strength
Anti-aging rubber fold rings for improved life
Can withstand maximum power of 80W Low frequency dive to 45Hz

A 2.5-inch full-range speaker for each of the left and right channels:
Magnetic steel to strengthen control
Thick T-iron and washers improve transients
Unique airflow holes Reduce motion damping Strengthen voice coil cooling
25-pin Kapton frame, CCAW line voice coil, full power and ultra-low distortion
CONEX material elastic waves for improved elasticity and fatigue resistance
Unique Composite Paper Paper Cap Raise Mid-High Frequency and Extend to 20kHz
Anti-aging rubber breaks to enhance speaker life
Can withstand up to 50W of super power High frequency extends to 20kHz

Product model: Monitor Air 2
Speaker parameters: a 4 inch cone cone iron bass
Two 2.5-inch cones with fibrous caps
Frequency Response Range: 45Hz-20kHz
Sound Power: Bass 60W, Middle Arpeggio 2x30W
Speaker material: wooden box, environmental protection leather, aluminum alloy panel
Speaker size: about 371x261x86mm
Speaker weight: about 4.2kg
Audio input: Bluetooth, TV (Dual RCA), Mobile (3.5mm),
Digital Coaxial (S/PD丨F), Digital Fiber (S/PDIF)
Power parameters: AC 110-220V~50Hz l50W

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