Musiland Monitor 09PLUS Headphone Amplifier Balanced Externe USB HIFI Sound Card

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Musiland Monitor 09PLUS Portable Balanced Amp High Resistance USB HIFI Sound Card DSD decoder
100% Brand New

Musiland Monitor 09 PLUS has a lossless analog volume adjustment, connected to a low-impedance earphone, and you don't have to worry about the volume adjustment being too low and losing the sound quality.
Musiland Monitor 09 PLUS can save the lossless analog volume value in the sound card itself, solving the problem that the media volume cannot be adjusted on some Android phones.


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Balanced line output, high power balanced headphone output
32bit/384kHz analog output, 24b i t/384kHz coaxial S/PDIF digital output
DSD128 hardware decoding and playback, DSD source code D0P format S/PDIF digital output
Support almost all common operating systems such as MAG, I0S, Linux, Android, Windows, etc.
Musiland Monitor 09 PLUS built-in lithium polymer battery
Musiland Monitor 09 PLUS's additional auxiliary processor MCU for charge management, on/off pop-up elimination, lossless volume adjustment and saving
Musiland Monitor 09 PLUS's unique lossless analog volume ensures excellent sound quality when using low-impedance headphones with ultra-low volume attenuation.
Musiland Monitor 09 PLUS has a new high-sensitivity earbud interface that is physically compatible with a variety of mobile phone earbuds and headsets.

Dynamic range (D/A): 123dB
Signal to noise ratio (D/A): 123dB
Total harmonic distortion (D/A) : 0.002%
Frequency response (20Hz~20KHz): +-0.1dB
Output level: single-ended 2V rms; balanced 4V rms
Output impedance: line 10KΩ; single-ended earphone 0.1Ω; balanced earphone 0.2 ohm
LINE0UT output power: 100mW/RL=300Ω; 200mW/RL=100Ω
IN EAR output power: 200mW / RL = 32Ω
Balanced output power: 200mW/RL=300Ω; 400mW/RL=100Ω
Digital output:
Dynamic range: 140dB
Signal to noise ratio (A weighting: 140dB
Total harmonic distortion: 0.0001%
Frequency response (20Hz~20KHz): +-0dB
Input interface: USB2.0, voltage is greater than 4.5V, current is greater than 500mA, external power supply voltage is 5V.
Power consumption: < 2W
Product color: silver gray
Housing material: aluminum
Dimensions (housing): 105x65x13 (mm)
Weight: about 120g
1 pair of XLR lines, headphone composite 3.5mm output interface (stereo)
1 LINE OUT line, earphone, S/PDIF composite 3.5mm output interface
1 IN EAR 3. 5mm headphone output connector
1 Micro USB power connector
1 Micro USB slave interface
Product accessories:
Sound card main card x1
USB2.0 data cable x1
Warranty card x1
Quick Start Guide x1

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