Musiland Digital Times hifi Sound Card Pure Digital interface FPGA Fiber Coaxial

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Musiland Digital Times Sound Card Pure Digital interface FPGA Fiber Coaxial Output
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FPGA chip:
This product uses the VIA Envy24 series audio chip
And XILINX's general field programmable gate array (FPGA) chip for interface control and data processing, with the digital signal processing circuit specially designed by Le Zhibang
Practical function interface:
Digital age sound card with high quality RCA coaxial, BNC coaxial and fiber optic interface
Digital audio transformer:
In the digital age, the digital signal output of the sound card is processed by a high-speed large current buffer to drive a dedicated fiber-optic transmitter. A professional-grade digital audio transformer is also added to perform the isolation conversion processing of the coaxial interface, which enhances the transmission quality of the digital signal.
Expand the interface:
The 2Pin S/PDIF output interface on the sound card can be connected to the full graphics card with S/PDIF input for synchronous HDM clear output; the unique lOPin digital expansion interface can be connected to the digital daughter card (optional). Achieve the purpose of extending the second set of fibers and coaxial input
Rich software support:
By installing drivers developed by Lezhibang,
Can provide ASIO, WDM support and mainstream operating systems Windows XP, Windows V1STA, Windows7 Windows 8 Windows 10

Digital output:
Dynamic paradox: 140dB
Letter to ratio (A weighting > :140dB
Total harmonic tip: 0.0001%
Frequency response (20Hz~20KHZ): ±0dB
Computer interface: PCI/32Bit
1xRCA coaxial output interface
1xBNC coaxial output interface
1xsquare port fiber output interface
1x2Pin S/PDIF output interface
1xlOPin digital expansion interface
Support 24biVl92KHz audio format
Digital output PCM/Dolby Digital/DTS format
Support for ASIO
Support MUSILAND MMDI interface
Support sampling rate manual setting
Driver support for WindowsXP/VISTA/7/lO,32/64bit
Product accessories:
Driver CD: 1
Warranty card: 1 copy
Quick Installation Guide: 1 copy

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