Musiland Digital Times 2 hifi Usb Sound Card External Pure Digital 32bit/384KHz

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Musiland Digital Times 2 Usb Sound Card External Pure Digital Super Dsp 210 FPGA supports up to 32bit/384KHz audio formats
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Practical functional interface:
Digital Times 2 sound card with high quality RCA coaxial and optical digital output interface, can output the pure stereo PCM coded signal and multi-channel format, Dolby Digital (AC-3), DTS digital signal, you can connect an external Advanced Audio decoder to obtain an excellent music appreciation effects. AV audio system can also be connected with a decoding function, feel watching DVD, high-definition large immersive surround sound, enjoy unprecedented cinema effect. You can also connect a digital recording device, digital music transcription.
Digital Times 2 external audio card also provides a clock signal input interface, by connecting an external high-precision clock signal input source, and further enhance the accuracy of the digital audio signal.
High-quality audio features:
Digital Times 2 sound card supports up to up to 32Bit / 384KHz format audio processing, can fully meet the high-standard audio format player at this stage needs.
Precision linear regulator circuit to provide a stable power supply effect is less intrusive, so that the digital circuit can operate in the best condition.
FPGA for clock distribution, and build a huge asynchronous buffer for generating accurate timing of audio, so audio quality to achieve higher accuracy, providing minimal jitter output.
FPGA internal integrated precision S / PDIF transmitter output S / PDIF signal, you can complete PCM, Dolby Digital, DTS and other popular digital signal output. Because the S / PDIF transmitter driven by a precision clock, the signal output from very low jitter, fully meet the audio laboratory test equipment required accuracy.
Digital Times 2 sound card also supports ASIO, provide ultra-low latency audio characteristics.
Using internationally accepted DOP coding mode, Digital Times 2 through S / PDIF interfaces to DOP encoding output DSD signal source for external support DSD decoding audio provide accurate DSD stream.
a wealth of software support:
Digital Times 2 supports common USB Audio Class2.0 norm in mainstream Windows computer operating system Windows7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 under, can provide the perfect ASIO, WDM support.
Support for USB Audio Class2.0 MAC, IOS, LINUX, Android and other operating systems specification, Digital Times 2 can also be a good support.

Digital Output:
Dynamic range: 144 dB
SNR (A-weighted): 144 dB
SNR (A-weighted): 144 dB
USB input interface
RCA coaxial output interface
side port fiber output interface
External clock signal input interface
Key Features:
It supports up to 32bit / 384KHz audio formats
Digital Output PCM / Dolby Digital / DTS / DSD format
ASIO support:
Interface support MUSILAND MMDI
Supported Sample Rate manually set
Driver supports Windows XP / VISTA / 7/8 / 8.1 / 10 system; 32 / 64bit
Physical characteristics:
Color: iron gray
Housing Material: Aluminum
Dimensions (housing): 67 * 67 * 22mm
Weight: 116g
Sound host: 1
Warranty Card: 1
Quick Installation Guide: 1

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