Musiland Air3 Speaker Full Digital Intelligent multimedia TV Bluetooth Mobile

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Musiland Air3 Full Digital Intelligent Multimedia Speaker Wireless Bluetooth TV Mobile Sound Theater Echo Wall
100% Brand New

Musiland Air3 can be used for practical and effective intelligent control of speakers through Android, Apple, WP and other operating systems, mobile phones or personal computers with operating systems such as WINDOWS, LINUX, MAC, and even UNIX.


All items guaranteed 100% BRAND NEW in the original edition Box.


A 4-inch electric bass speaker:
Large Magnets - Strengthen Control
T-iron special convex back design. Long stroke
Thick T-Tie and Washer - Improve Transient Response
Unique airflow hole - Reduce motion damping. Strengthen voice coil cooling
Bold Oxygen-Free Copper Wire Coil - Provides Power
CONEX Material Bomb - Boosts Elasticity and Fatigue Resistance
Thick I.5mm Composite Paper Diaphragm - Ultra Low Split Vibration
Thick paper, iron composite hat - enhance low frequency strength
Anti-aging rubber fold rings for improved life
Can withstand up to 80W of super power - low frequency dive to 45Hz

One 2.5-inch full-range speaker for left and right channels:
Large Magnets - Strengthen Control
Thick T-iron and Wars - Improve Transient
Unique Airflow Hole - Reduce Motion Damping - Strengthen Voice Cooling
25-core Kapton frame, CCAW voice coil, full power and ultra-low distortion
Conex material wave, improve elasticity and fatigue resistance
Unique Composite Paper Paper Hat - Raise Mid-High Frequency - Extending to 20kHz
Anti-aging rubber breaks to enhance speaker life
Can withstand up to 50W of super power - high frequency extends to 20kHz

Two 4-inch pneumatic horns:
One-piece reinforced anti fatigue rubber ring
Galvanized iron plate diaphragm for super bass
Rubber film, effectively reduce the split vibration of galvanized iron plate, low frequency is both powerful and clean

Speaker parameters: a 4-inch bass, two 2.5-inch full-range speakers to do the middle and high notes.
Frequency response range: 40Hz-20kHz
Sound power: bass 70W, mid-high 2x35W
Speaker material: wooden box, green leather, aluminum alloy panel
Speaker size: 550mmx160mmx120mm
Speaker weight: about 4.66kg
Audio Input: Bluetooth, TV (Dual RCA), Mobile Phone (3.5mm), Digital Coaxial (S/PDIF), Digital Fiber (S/PDIF)
Power parameters: AC 110-220V ~ 50Hz-150W
Packing accessories list
Speaker host one
One copy of this manual, including warranty card and product certification
One power cord
One RCA audio cable

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