MingDa MC998-AB Class A Single-ended Mono Power amplifier WE212 tube amp pair

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Meixing Ming Da MC998-AB Class A Single-ended Mono Hifi Power amplifier PSVANE WE 212 vacuum tube pair.
100% Brand New

The price is for A pair of Audiophile audio vacuum Tube Power Amplifiers. Pure handmade point to point soldering. With protective cover.
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★In November 2012, Meixing Electronics successfully launched the well-received 212 Class 1 Class A mono power amplifier.
After six months of careful development, continuous improvement, and strive for perfection, in July 2013 will use two mono 212 made
On the power of the 150W Bold Zun 2 tube amplifier, a solid show to the audio enthusiasts! It's elegant outside the device.The refined, noble refined connotation, calm and dexterous skill performance, and the hard and soft delusional rhythm make every viewer and audience shake,Surprise, applause!
★Acquired national Ptent, patent number: 201230601303.0
★MC998一AB is designed for single-channel rear splitting, with each channel divided into two levels. Each frame is a standard size
★43cm (length) * 43cm (width) * 20cm (height), the height of the feet is 5cm, and the height of the protective cover is 40cm. The height of the machine is about 90 cm.
★The chassis is made of 8mm imported 6061 aluminum using CNC numerical control equipment. The surface is made of precision oxidation wire drawing. The protective cover and the top cover are made of imported acrylicand can clearly see the internal electronic components and processes.
★The front panel lower voltage meter and upper power meter use Taiwan's precision high dynamic meter.
★The factory foundry is a fine copper plated enamel.
★The lower layer of the chassis is a power transformer and is independently powered; the upper layer is an amplification box. The upper and lower layers are connected by high-insulation aviation plugs.
★Internal circuit design is concise, rigorous, safe and stable.
★The electronic components used in MC998一AB can be described as high standards and strict requirements: E1 transformers with Z11 silicon steel sheet and oxygen-free copper wire wound by hand. Reproduced thehigh-quality 212 three-pole power amplifier tubes of the company, Tung-sol 6SN7, and Tung- Sol 6L6 tube.
★Internationally renowned brands JENSEN cross capacitors and electrolytic capacitors, Philips high voltage electrolytic capacitors, Japan-US high-performance resistors, pure silver wire for the connection line, high-quality lead-free solder. More than 15 years of senior technicians are hand-welded.
★The MC998-AB's sound can be described as a blockbuster, its excellent reduction effect, nuanced solution power, let the listener overjoyed: high-frequency delicate, soft, reverberating around the beam; intermediate frequency that is full of three-dimensional and clear positioning;
★The performance of low-frequency is even more remarkable. It is not only the low-lying land of spring thunderstorms, but also the dynamics of overwhelming mountains. The rhythm of the rhythm is smooth and clean, and the musical notes jump like flowing clouds.

Output power: 150W
Output impedance: 4Ω, 8Ω
Input impedance: 100KΩ
Input voltage: 1200mv
Distortion: ≤0.8%
Signal to Noise Ratio: 92dB
Input selection: 1 group
Output selection: 2 groups
Power consumption: 560W
Frequency response: 15Hz ~ 36KHz ± 1dB
Extend the tube: PSVANEWE 212 x2,
Tung-sol 6SN7x2 , Tung-sol 6L6 x2
Voltage: AC110V/220V ~60Hz/50Hz
Dimension: 43cmx43cmx90cm(WxDxH)
Net weight: 69KGx2 (upper 30KG+lower 39K=69KG /unit set )

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