Mingda MC300-PRE vacuum valve 300B preamplifier with remote-ctrl

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Meixing Mingda MC300-RRE vacuum valve 300B preamplifier with remote-control
100% Brand New

There is a remote control come with this pre-amplifier, It is a CE certificate version


All items guaranteed 100% BRAND NEW in the original edition Box.




Voltage Gain: 19dB
Output Impedance: 600Ω
Input Sensitivity: 1000mv
Balanced input Impedance: 2.4K
input Impedance: 100K
Distortion Factor: ≤0.3%
Signal-to-Noises: 92dB
Power Dissipation: 75W
Inputs: 5 Groups
Outputs: 2 Groups
Frequency: 5Hz - 150KHz
Vacuum Tubes: 300B x2 、274B x1、6sn7 x2
Dimension: L55 x W50 x H39(cm)
Gross weight: 27KG
Power supply: 110V(±10%)/220V(±10%) (120V, 127V, 230V, 240V version will take 3-14 work days to order), 110V and 220V are in stock.


I was astonished by the elegant sound of this 300B preamplifier, as well by its reasonable price. There is always room for improvement for preamp with 300B tubes, a challenge which has been mastered in this pre-amp through its workmanship. This preamp exploits all the merits of 300B tubes to the fullest. Its pricing is more than reasonable given that the cost of the used materials and the crafty workmanship. It is highly unlikely that except for the Chinese mainland, there will be a factory in the current audio world that can produce a 300B preamp to such a reasonable price with similar technical specifications.
This 300B preamp hooked up with the 300B/845 flagship mono block power amplifier, drove high sensitivity JBL speakers as well as low efficiency DYNAUDIO speakers with ease and noticeable authority. The sound of violins was audible bright and the vocals were full of emotions. The dynamics and performance in the high frequency spectrum has been the best one that I have ever heard in this sound testing room.
From its pricing, Mingda MC300-PRE with the soft and smooth sound as we would expect from a 300B design, combined with extensiveness in its high and low frequency is most probably the best in his design and price class on the current market.
The circuitry of this preamp suggest that MC300-PRE follows a design philosophy best described as "Simplicity is beauty".

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