MingDa MC211-AS mono block power amplifiers 211x4 vacuum tube HI-FI audio amp

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Meixing MC211-AS mono block power amplifiers 211x4 vacuum tube HI-FI audio amp pair.
100% Brand New

The price is for A pair of Audiophile audio vacuum Tube Amplifiers ,which is pure handmade point to point soldering.
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MC211-AS mono blocks power amplifiers
Fully exploit the advantages of triode 211, such as its gorgeous treble, mellow and full, clever and natural.
With 26 years of experience producing 845, 805 high tensions amplifiers and 6 years of developing power amplifiers like 212, FU80, GU-81 amps , we apply Parallel Single ended circuitry, simple but very effecient and effective circuitry, accurate output transformers, sufficient and stable mains transformers and Jensen capacitors to develop the power amps with superly wide frequency range of 15Hz ~ 36KHz. The mid-frequency is deep and wide, the sound source is transparent with clear orientation. Bass is deep, thick and firm. The dynamics are elastic and freely handled. The sound is melodious and clear in its note and makes you feel that the singer in a concert is just in front of you. You won’t get tired of its sound even after a long time listening and you can get full satisfaction from these amps.
It is recommended that the amps can be a good match for HI-FI speakers with 100~400W.


All items guaranteed 100% BRAND NEW in the original edition Box.


Output power: 50W
Input impedance:220K
Output impedance: 4Ω,8Ω
Input voltage:1200mv
Frequency range:15Hz~36KHz±1dB
Signal to noise ratio:90dB
Power consumption: 360W
Balance input:1 pair
Unbalance input:1 pair
Outputs: 2 pairs
Tubes: (Psvane)211* 4,(Mingda Exclusive) 6SN7 *2
Net size: W * D * H= 39 * 55 * 43(cm)
Net weight: 48KG * 2

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