MeixingMingDa MC34-B19 integrated amplifier 6P3×4 vacuum tube amp hifi

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MeixingMingDa MC34-B19 integrated amplifier 6P3×4 vacuum tube amp hifi
100% Brand New

This amplifier is multi-purpose, can use a variety of tubes, and the bias is externally adjusted. With remote control.


All items guaranteed 100% BRAND NEW in the original edition Box.


1. This machine has won praises from audio media and exhibitions in the UK, France, Poland and other countries. It has won many awards and audiophiles in China.
The equipment awards are upgraded to the upgraded version of the MC34-A combined machine.
2. The chassis is painted with high-end paint and oxidation process, and the appearance is elegant and exquisite. Adopt Japanese Z11 silicon steel sheet, oxygen-free copper wire, manual unique work
The art-wound transformer guarantees excellent frequency response width and high protection effect of 18Hz~60KHz±ldB.
3. Carefully selected components ensure extraordinary sound: high frequency round and gorgeous, medium frequency wide open, clear positioning, 丨fc frequency energy
Foot, solid and powerful, is a cost-effective orthodox amplifier.
4. Internal welding is a manual tower shed for employees of more than ten years, ensuring excellent stability when the machine is working. This machine has small distortion,
The bottom noise is quiet, it is recommended to match the HI-FI speaker with more than 88db and 150W.


Output power: 22W * 2
Output impedance: 4Ω, 8Ω
Input voltage: 180mV
Input impedance: 100K
Distortion factor: ≤ 1 %
Signal to noise ratio: 92dB
Frequency range: 18Hz~60KHz±1dB
Power consumption: 100W (min), 150W(max)
Inputs: 4 pairs
Outputs:2 pairs
Valves: 6P3 *4, ECC83 *2, 6N1 * 2
Weight: 18 kg

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