Meixing MingDa MC845-AB Tube Mono Block Power Amplifier pair

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Meixing MingDa MC845-AB Tube Mono Block Power Amplifier a pair
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a)Have a strong power and feels dynamic and there are excellent effect of transient response.It can drive 100W-1000W's HIFI speaker or a powerful speaker on stage.
b)The design is elegant,natural and concise.The four vertical machine seats are made by aluminum alloy and there are adjustable conic feet as well as shockproof gasket.The power table frame is also made by luminum alloy.And all the materials are of high quality.
c)The design of circuit and output transformer completely show the unique quality of the factory.By the way,the key electronic components come from those international brand.The extraordinary quality of the voice feels inspiring.It sounds imposing,clear,bright and smooth,which leaves us a great impression.At the same time, the price is suitable and it worth having one.


Output Power: 100W
Output Impedance: 4Ω, 6Ω
Input Voltage: 900mv
Iutput Impedance: 500K
Distortion Factor: ≤1%
Signal-to-Noises: 90dB
Power Dissipation: 270W
Inputs: 1 Groups
Outputs: 2 Groups
Frequency: 20Hz-50KHz±1dB
Vacuum Tubes: 845B x 2, 6SN7 x 1, 6SL7 x 1
Dimension: 48L×49W×55H(cm) x2
Power supply voltage: 110/220V 60Hz/50Hz
(100V,120V, 127V, 230V, 240V version will
take 3-14 work days to order),
110 and 220V version are in stock
Net Dimensions : L41 x W35 x H28 cm
Vacuum tube Packing size: L50 x W36 x H31 (cm)
Carton Size :(L54 x W49 x H49 cm) x 2
Vacuum tube Packing weight: 6kg
Net weight : 27kg x 2 = 54kg
Gross weight : 30 x 2 = 60kg
Total weight: 60kg + 6kg = 66kg

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