Meixing MingDa MC300-PRE 300B vacuum tube preamp pre-amplifier

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Meixing MingDa MC300-PRE 300B vacuum tube preamp pre-amplifier
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a)It is made by hand-welded and remote controlled volume system is added to the machine and it gives us a more convenient operation.The factory uses the special tube 6SN7 for amplification and the tube 300B as flowing amplification,which is of little output impedance and strong output current.
b)Using tube 274B of high quality as full-wave rectifier and CLC for filtering.The balanced input adopts high performance output transformer to couple tubes for amplifing.It uses the cross-linked capacitance of famous international brand JENSEN for final output.
c)It uses four high-performance large-capacity electrolytic of Philip,which reduces the screen ripple factor and it improves the SNR as well.
d)The machine adopts two separate power transformer for power supply and it lowers the rising of temperature as well as reducing the electromagnetic adverse induction,to make better transient response.
e)It looks simple,elegant and high-grade.High frequency sounds soft and clear,intermediate frequency sounds deep and wide,while the low frequency feels transparent and peaceful.Compared with those high-grade pre-AMP of high price,it seems better.

Voltage Gain: 19dB
Output Impedance: 600Ω
Input Sensitivity: 1000mv
Balanced input Impedance: 2.4K
input Impedance: 100K
Distortion Factor: ≤0.3%
Signal-to-Noises: 92dB
Power Dissipation: 75W
Inputs: 5 Groups
Outputs: 2 Groups
Frequency: 5Hz - 150KHz
Vacuum Tubes: 300B x2 、274B x1、6sn7 x2
Carton Size: L58 x W52 x H40(cm)
Gross weight: 27KG
Power supply: 110V(±10%)/220V(±10%) (100V, 120V, 127V, 230V, 240V version will take 3-14 work days to order), 110V and 220V are in stock.

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