Meixing Ming Da MC600 Vacuum tube 5670 CD player brand new

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Meixing Ming Da MC600 Vacuum tube 5670 CD player
100% Brand New


All items guaranteed 100% BRAND NEW in the original edition Box.


a)Adopts the 213C laser of Sony and the metal movement weighed 3.5kg,which is of great stability and vibration resistance.The serve circuit adopts SAA7824 of Phillips.
b)The machine uses the PCM1792 data converter of 24bit.196KHz produced by BB Company.And OPA2604 as good filtering circuit to completely separate digital signals.
c)Two 5670 vacuum tube is combined to amplify circuit and the power is applied by electronic tubes for rectification and regulation.It gets a smooth,soft and bright tone quality.
d)It is the hi-end MIT capacitor that makes the coupling of vacuum tubes.And there are 8 groups of unattached stable power which have less interfere with each other.
e)Adopts WIMA capacitor as power input for the LC filtering circuit,purifing the power supply.
f)After turning on the machine,the vacuum tube preheat for 20 seconds and then begin to work.
g)The case is made by a 1.5MM thick steelplate and adjustable seat made by aluminum alloy.The materials of remote - controlled device and the panel are also aluminum alloy.
h)It can upgrate the signal of CD player from 44.1KHz to 88.2KHz or 176.4KHz and the voice it restored was more real and of great effect.
dynamic range:>100dB
Channel Separation:>98dB(1KHz)
Distortion Factor:<0.05%
output level:2.5V
power consumpion :≤30W
Vacuum Tubes:6Z4 x1. WY-2 x1. 5670 x2
Net Dimension:430mm(W) x 350mm(D) x 120mm(H)
Net weight: 13kg
Gross weight: 17kg

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