Meixing MC500-CD HIFI CD player vacuum tube filter USB DAC decoding HDCD Player

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Meixing MC500-CD HIFI CD player vacuum tube filter USB DAC decoding HDCD Player.
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United States brand RUBY12AU7 do two terminal amplification, soft tone, delicate analysis, flexible music melody, high school low frequency performance.
Aluminum alloy chassis steady atmosphere, metal movement strong earthquake resistance.
Manual pull lid door, user-friendly design, to reduce machinery out of warehouse failures.
HiFi SCR capacitor 630V, 2.2uF, 2 do bile coupling, completely filtered digital signals, more charm.
8 sets of independent regulated power supply, less interference with each other, strong driving force full field.
Plus a USB interface, you can directly download the lossless music and CD mode music on the computer, simple and convenient.
The servo circuit uses the Philips SAA7824 chip.
CS4398 D/A converter.
The use of OPA2604 as a high-quality filter circuit, completely remove the digital signal, restore the pure music signal.
United States RUBY brand (12AU7 × 2) analog amplifier circuit, more charm.
Audiophile ERSE capacitor for bile coupling.
8 sets of independent power supply voltage regulators, less interference, strong driving force, rich music details.
A coaxial digital signal output each group, RCA and smooth audio output each group.
Power input LC filter circuit, clean power supply, make the music background more clear.
Start the countdown to 20 seconds, so that the bile warmed up before entering the working state.
1.2mm thick aluminum alloy chassis and metal movement, strong seismic performance, make the sound more clean.
Excellent frequency-up processing to increase the 44.1kHz sampling frequency of CD-disc signals to 88.2kHz or 176.4kHz.
The restored audio signal is closer to the original analog signal waveform, making the sound comparable to the LP analog player.

Upswing: 2x and 4x two files
Frequency response: 20Hz~20kHz±0.5dB
Dynamic Range: Greater than 100dB
Channel separation: greater than 98dB (1kHz)
Total harmonic distortion: less than 0.05%
Output level: 2.3V ± 3dB
Power supply: AC 220V/50HZ or ~110V/60Hz
Power consumption: ≤60W
Signal to noise ratio: greater than 110dB (A weighting)
Dimension: 430mm(W)×100mm(H)×330mm(D)
Weight: 13KG

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