Little Dot LDP 500 500VA Clean Regeneration Power Supply 500W Power Filter

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Little Dot LDP 500 500VA Clean Regeneration Power Supply 500W Power Filter power supply more pure
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Little Dot LDP 500 has features such as auto-stabilizing frequency, auto-stabilizing voltage, and active energy compensation. It completely eliminates disadvantages such as dynamic compression. Make the power supply more pure and the background more profound.
The Little Dot LDP 500 is a redesigned next-generation renewable power source that uses a highly reliable drive solution from Infineon’s fully isolated automotive electronics. With automatic recovery after over-current protection, reliability is improved over previous generations.
The Little Dot LDP_500 ensures you enjoy the deepest, blackest backgrounds due to it's pure sine wave, regenerative power delivery. The chassis follows a classically clean, minimalist design with analog meters which display real-time current and voltage output. The stable and clean power output brings out the best in your audiophile equipment while also extending their lifespans.

Output Power: 500VA
Power Distortion: < 1%
Power max variance: 2%
Power Factor: 0.95
Maximum efficiency: 95%
Suitable Input Voltage: 185-255V
Output Voltage: 110V + 220V (2x 110V, 2x 220V)
Output Frequency: 50Hz or 60Hz (factory selection)
Output sockets: 4
Protection against overheating, overload, short circuit, over-voltage, and under-voltage
Dimensions: 350mm x 280 x 60(H)
Weight: 10 Kg

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