Little Dot LD Q+ HD USB DAC Headphone Amplifier vacuum Tube + Transistor Hybrid

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Little Dot LD Q+ vacuum Tube+Transistor Hybrid miniature USB HD DSD Decoder Headphone Amplifier
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The tube 6N11 used in this machine can be compatible with the following tubes: ECC88/6DJ8/6922/E88CC/E188CC/E288CC/CV2492, etc.; it can be directly swapped and replaced.


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This is a hybrid miniature amp + USB HD decoder with tubes and transistors. There are sophisticated industrial designs that integrate complex tube/transistor/integrated circuit and high-definition ASIO USB decoding into a single PCB with a diameter of only 68mm. Although small, it can easily drive 32-300 Euro headsets.
Can connect PC USB when sound card is used to connect multimedia speakers;
You can connect headphones from the PO port;
Used as a USB decoder, external amp and amplifier from the LINE OUT connector;
As a stand-alone amp, a separate decoder or player sound source is connected via the LINE IN connector.

Decoding part:
Using SA9227 high sampling rate USB+CS4398 ASIO scheme, independent power supply (not to take power from the PC).
PCM: Supports 16-32 bit word length; 32-384KHz high-definition sampling rate
DSD: Supports DSD64, 128, 256 format, DOP/Native native hardware decoding
Amp parts:
Fully symmetrical, PNP/NPN complementary transistor pair, fully symmetrical pure class A amplifier output circuit.
The sound is mellow and powerful, clear and sweet. The amp section is a replaceable amp card designed for future upgrades.
Input terminal:
3.5mm Line Input (LO)
Micor USB digital input socket
Output terminal:
3.5mm Headphone Jack (PO)
3.5mm decode line output (LO)
Distortion: 0.01% (Output: 1V rms 1000Hz)
Signal to noise ratio: 92dB
Frequency response: 5Hz - 50KHz (-3dB)
Output power: 300mW (32 ohm)
--100mW (300 ohm)
Adapt to the impedance range of headphones: 8 ohms ~ 300 ohms
Power Consumption: 10 VA
Host: Diameter: 76x70(h) mm
Power supply: 145x55x50(h) mm
Host: 188 g
Power supply: 880 g

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