Little Dot DAC_M Fully Balanced Decoded earphone Amplifier 192KHz 24bit WM8741

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Little Dot DAC_M Fully Balanced Decoded earphone Amplifier 192KHz 24bit WM8741 (for iPhone DAC)
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This machine is a portable balance decoding - amp machine, supports 192KHz 24bit digital audio format decoding.
This machine adopts the high-performance top-level decoding chip of Wolfson Microelectronics in the audio industry: WM8741, with a high signal-to-noise ratio and isolation, making the music details smooth and silky.
The DAC_M amp section uses the well-known low-noise, low-distortion op-amp emperor of the famous ANALOG DEVICES company in the United States: the AD8620ARZ, which forms a 4-way independent channel with full-balanced amplification. Its timbre is delicate and sweet, yet full of momentum.
This machine is suitable for portable portable decoding or connecting computer for decoding amp. This unit is similar to DP_I (only 2mm thick) and is ideally suited for use with DP_I for balanced amp decoding.

The machine has 3 signal inputs:
Optical fiber input;
Coaxial input;
USB input (Using Lighting To USB-Micro adapter cable can be used as an external DAC for iPhones directly. Wires are sold separately).
The main technical indicators of this machine:
Distortion: < 0.01 % (1000Hz)
Phase shift characteristics: -0.11 degrees
Frequency response: 20Hz - 20KHz < -2.0 dB
Undistorted power: 32 ohms: 80mW
Stereo separation: > 70 dB (1KHz POWER OUTPUT)
Stereo balance: < 0.2 dB (1KHz POWER OUTPUT)
Signal to noise ratio: > 99 dB
Volume: 115x60x18 (thickness) mm
Weight: 0.19 Kg (net weight, lithium battery)
This machine accessories: 3.5-3.5 fiber optic cablex1
USB data cablex1
5-pin plugx2
5V 1A Chargerx1

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