LITE P500 Upsampling power processors Noise Filter

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LITE P500 Upsampling power processors Noise Filter
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a) P500 uses a set of signal generator of precise control to generate a perfect sine wave,and then enlarge it to 220VAC for equipment using.It makes not only pure power , but much higher damping.
b) The design of P500 adopts pure analog way to produce sine wave,which has a much lower harmonic distortion and a fuller sound quality.The output uses transformer to do cross-linked , not only provides excellent protection mechanisms for equipment , but also adds a filtering effect.The inductance characteristics of the transformer also increases the force of the instant power supply.
c) The design advantages of P500 are that it can switch frequency and improve the performance of the equipment power supply.Compared 400Hz power supply to 60Hz,the utilization of 400Hz is 20% higher than 60Hz.P500 has four frequency control,50Hz/60Hz/120Hz/400Hz,which can do hot swap and be adjusted directly,cab be used as a direct means.
d) The machine has a function for voltage trimming.P500 configures four AC plug outputs , enough for general fever systems.Just a P500, you can completely create the perfect power setting , to achieve perfect sound quality regeneration.


Output frequency: 50Hz, 60Hz, 120Hz, 400Hz ,direct operation by panel switch.
Maximum output power: continute 500W, instant 1500W.
AC output sockets: four groups.
Cooling: Below 55 ℃, the cooling fins directly more than 55 ℃, forced fan cooling.
Protection: Precision fault detection, automatic power abnormalities. Overheat protection.
Voltage stability: <0.5%.
THD: <0.03%
Voltage: 110V(±10%)/220V(±10%)
Dimensions: 220 mm x 508 mm x 500mm.
Net Weight: 45kg
Gross Weight: 47kg

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