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LITE LT-One CD Player
100% Brand New


All items guaranteed 100% BRAND NEW in the original edition Box.


Operating System CD digital audio system: (CD, CD-R)
Digital Outputs 75 Ohm Coaxial(44.1kHz/96kHz), RCA/ 110 Ohm Balanced AES/EBU(44.1kHz/96kHz), XLR/
Optical(44.1kHz only), Toslink/ I2S(96kHz only)
Crystal Super precision, custom made
Jitter <50 psec
Power Supply high performance low noise R-core transformer
Power Consumption < 12 W
Power supply voltage: 110/220V 60Hz/50Hz
(110V,120V, 127V, 230V, 240V version will
take 3-14 work days to order),
220V version is in stock
Dimension: 432 x 330 x 70 (W x D x H) mm
Packing size: 452 x 350 x 85 (including feet)
Net weight: 8.5Kg
Gross weight: 10.5Kg

Your CD player is supplied with a Remote Control.
The Remote Control is powered by two 1.5V AAA batteries.
When inserting the batteries observe the correct polarity.

Laser Diode Properties
Materials: Ga-Al-As
Wavelength: 755-815 nm (25ºC)
Laser Output: Continuous Wave max. 0.7mW

Congratulations on your purchase of the LITE LT-One CD Transportor. This CD Transportor is
designed and manufactured to the highest specification and rigorously tested to offer you
many years of trouble-free pleasure.
Your LT-One CD Transportor is at the heart of your hi-fi system. Its correct installation, set-up and operation will have a profound influence on the sonic performance of the entire hi-fi installation. Please read the contents of this manual thoroughly. It will help you to understand your hi-fi equipment better and enhance your listening pleasure.

Included in the packing of your LT-One CD Transportor you will find:
‧ One LITE LT-One CD Transportor
‧ One CD clamp
‧ One mains lead fitted with the correct mains power plug for your country
‧ One remote control handset
‧ One user manual and warranty card
After removing these items please retain all packing materials. Correct packing is necessary
for transportation of your LT-One CD Transportor.

After disconnecting the amplifier from the mains supply, the cabinet and front panel may be
cleaned with a lightly dampened soft cloth or chamois leather.
Avoid using abrasives or solvents.

Your LT-One CD Transportor is set to operate from a fixed supply voltage which is marked on a label next to the mains input plug. Before connecting the mains lead please check that your mains supply corresponds to this label as below:
230V Products ………………………………….Voltage Range: 220V – 240V
115V Products ………………………………….Voltage Range: 100V – 120V
The mains lead supplied with this product has an IEC mains socket which plugs into the IEC
connector on the unit’s rear panel. The other end is normally attached to the appropriate mains plug for your country.
Please observe correct mains polarity at all times.
The LT-One CD Transportor mains fuses are located on the rear panel next to the IEC mains connector. These must only be replaced by the fuse type and rating as described on the fuse rating label on the rear panel of the unit. If the equipment is likely to be unused for some time, unplug it from the mains supply.

This equipment may generate or use Radio Frequency energy. The user may lose the right to operate this equipment if unauthorized modifications are made.

Properly installed, this unit should not cause harmful interference to radio communications,
There is, however, no guarantee that such interference will not occur in a specific installation.
If interference arises (which you can determine by switching the unit off and on) you could try to remedy this problem by the following:
‧ Re-orient or re-locate the receiving antenna
‧ Increase the distance between the CD Player and receiver
‧ Connect the unit to a different mains circuit from that of the receiver
‧ Consult your LITE appointed dealer for help and advice

Your LT-One CD Transportor should be located in a well ventilated area and kept away from sources of heat, dust, humidity and direct sunlight. The LT-One CD Transportor may be positioned either as a free standing unit or alongside another audio/video product. Never place the LT-One CD Transportor on carpet or any surface likely to hinder normal ventilation.
Never allow liquids or other objects to fall into the unit. This unit contains no user
serviceable parts. Do not remove any panels or attempt to service it yourself.
Unauthorized servicing will void the warranty.

Please refer to the rear panel view. The IEC connector of the supplied mains lead should be plugged into the socket (3) on the rear of the unit first and then plugged into the mains supply. The Mains power switch (6) is on the rear panel of the CD Transportor. This switch is normally left on. If the unit is likely to be unattended for a long period, switch it off and unplug the mains lead from the wall.

The Digital Output (1) or (2) uses a Gold plated RCA Phono socket for Coaxial SPDIF and
Toslink for Optical and XLR for Balanced AES/EBU output. Any of these could be connected to a corresponding input of an amplifier with a digital input, or to an outboard Digital to Analogue converter (DAC).

IMPORTANT NOTE: For optimum performance it is recommended to use high quality
inter-connect cables for HI END audio.

Please refer to the rear panel view.

The Mains power switch (4) is located on the rear panel of the CD Transportor. This switch
should be left ON for normal operation. If unattended for a long period, the Mains power should be switched OFF and the lead disconnected from the power supply.
When switched ON from the rear panel, your LT-One CD Transportor Display will illuminate in few seconds.

Please refer to the top & front panel view.

Place the disc on the spindle. Then place the CD-clamp on the spindle. The clamp now securely fastens the disc. When a disc has been loaded, your LT-One CD Transportor will briefly spin the disc while it studies the data encoded on it in few seconds .The disc will then stop and the display will indicate the number of tracks on the disc and the total play time.
To commence playing a disc, press Play Button (2) once. The disc will play from the beginning. Press the Pause button (3) to pause the disc whilst it is playing. Pressing the Play Button (2) again will resume playback from the point at which Pause mode was entered. In Pause mode, the disc continues spinning and the laser will still be operational but locked. Please keep the CD Transportor in Pause mode no longer than strictly necessary.
Warped discs should never be played.
If a disc is not inserted or if the disc is damaged or inserted upside down, the CD
Transportor will remain inoperative (Display will indicate: no disc).

Press the Track Forward Button (5) to go to the next track on the disc. Pressing the Track Back Button (4) will take you to the previous track.***** When the disc is playing, press the Track Back Button once to take you to the beginning of the current track and a second time to take you to the start of the previous track. In Play mode press the Track Forward Button (5) to take you forward to the start of the next track. Once the procedure is complete the disc will commence playing from the selected track. When a disc is first loaded, you can use these buttons to select your desired track. Having done so, press the Play Button and your disc will commence playing from the selected track. You may select a track when Pause is engaged. In this case, the disc will revert to Pause after the procedure is complete and you will have to press Play Button to continue playing the disc.

If you suspect your LT-One CD Transportor is not operating properly, first check all the
connections carefully. Pay particular attention to input and output connections. Phono plugs should be fully inserted- a frequent cause of problems is that Phono plug surrounds do not make proper contact. Below are some commonly encountered problems with suggestions for possible cure. The list is not exhaustive: If you have any unresolved problems, please consult your appointed LITE dealer or distributor.

There are no user-serviceable parts inside your LT-One CD Transportor Player. If a fault
should develope, refer any servicing to your appointed LITE dealer, distributor or LITE
approved service agent. Your LITE LT-One CD Transportor is guaranteed against any defect in materials and workmanship for a period of one year from the date of purchase.
This guarantee excludes:
1. Damage caused due to accident, misuse, neglect and incorrect installation, adjustment or repair.
2. Liability for damage or loss during transit from the retailer or purchaser to LITE or its
authorized distributor for the purposes of repair or inspection.
Carriage costs to LITE shall be borne by the consignor.
All claims under this guarantee must be made through an authorised LITE retailer.
If equipment returned for repair to LITE is found on inspection to comply with the product
specification LITE reserves the right to make a charge for examination and return carriage.
Unauthorized servicing will void this guarantee.

All products are manufactured passed China national CCC authentication .

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