Lite DAC-AH audio DAC decoder Hi-Fi Audio Optical fiber

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Lite DAC-AH audio decoder Hiend Optical fiber
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Product description:
Yearning REVOX B226 rich smooth sound of beauty? This is a asking price £ 1,600 aristocratic models, Oh. Even if digital technology progress so far, B226 Advanced audio players chasing the focus on the secondary market today.There are many reasons to create this classic Ming, which plays the most important role is the the Philips original the TDA 154X Silver Crown Series decoder chip.DAC-AH precisely in order to reproduce the beautiful sound of the REVOX B226. Tried various modern decoding chip, come back only to find early digital product is its unique sound aesthetic. Perhaps bear with LP coexistence Pressure, digital products emphasize music and vitality made to modern chips. To put it bluntly, nicely, and is the product of the early Naiting. It's no wonder the secondary market, as long as the early classic CD player Will go higher price. Is early digital equipment weaknesses? The answer is very clear, absolutely yes. The disadvantage is that the treble is not enough extends. As can solve it? In fact, with the modern digital receiver chip with some lines Skills can be greatly improved. That said, good music good sound is possible Hello. Yes, indeed possible. The key technology is the decoding chip parallel.

Design concept:

DAC-AH in PHILIPS TDA 1543 Silver Crown chip as the main body, after the audition comparison, the factory decided to eight parallel high

frequency rich musical sense of hearing. While the original Pick pairing requirement is that the output level differences must be less than 0.01V, pairing difficulty is extremely high. Receiver chip, of course, choose the best CS8414. The output of the low-pass filter audiophile-grade high-speed operational amplifier. So to Completed the main architecture of the DAC-AH choice when the chip is simply shot the lights, presumably the result is extraordinary.The power supply comes from a high-performance R-type transformers, copper foil cladding and external. Receiving, decoding, and analog line respectively, a group of independent power supply. Remaining passive components the HI END parts, such as the DALE Parts of the RIFA, PHILIPS expensive fever. DAC-AH coaxial input and optical input switching, a complete performance. Appearance and overall design, the original mini, in order to be able to fit all kinds of system. Black Appearance and simple elegant panel is easy to use with a model.

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The final audition Results are satisfactory. Structural integrity of high-frequency harmonics, the original music is completely preserved, surprisingly abundant IF and deep diving powerful bass performance, totally pathetic can not believe this is the entry Products. Compared with the B226 is simply greater.Cheap DVD or CDROM when the turntable enthusiasts buy million DAC does not seem an appropriate choice. DAC-AH in a limited budget, it is a quick way to get first-class sound quality. City The surface of most spring the DAC kit assembly completed had to spend more than $ 5,000, there is no any quality assurance. Now, with the DAC-AH, the first-class circuit design, coupled with professional tuning, plus original overall design and manufacturing quality Guarantee, absolutely make you buy the rest assured hear satisfaction

Receiving Format: maximum 44.1KHz/16Bit

Power supply voltage: 110/220V 60Hz/50Hz
(110V,120V, 127V, 230V, 240V version will
take 3-14 work days to order),
220V version is in stock

Size / Material: metal box long depth 240mm X 150mm X 70mm.
Aluminum panel (thickness 3mm).
Net weight: 2kg
Gross weight:3.3Kg

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