Line Magnetic LM-512CA audio preamplifier vacuum tube Balance XLR audiophile

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Line Magnetic LM-512CA audio preamplifier vacuum tube Balance XLR audiophile Pre-amp 100% Brand new

Line Magnetic LM-512CA audio preamplifier come with a remote control and a tube cage cover.


Line Magnetic Audio LM-512CA hi-end audio pre-amplifier

Features: Point to point hand soldering circuit
With four high quality nickel sheet/POE film alloy high quality wide rang EI as input and output of audio signal input/output transformer coupling
Using specially designed for the native EI type double power supply transformer (independent) around a track
Use 6KZ8 as voltage amplifier output stage in 6922 as drive pipe, the RCA 22DE4 as high voltage rectifier rectifier bravery
Left and right channels completely independent design, and strive to two channel tone
At the cost of using Multicap audio capacitor, the IRC resistance, axial capacitor, philips BC panasonic relay, gold-plated CMC electric woodwind, high-quality RCA terminal, balance the socket
Function of infrared remote control can make audio input selection, volume and mute remote control operation
Successfully to the intuitive having a unique style into the volume dial design like that design idea of the atmosphere
Boot mute delay function (about 30 seconds)
Selects the Japan ALPS high-grade motor potentiometer
Convenient installation drawing plug-in valve cap

Gain: 20 db
S/N Ratio: 90 db
RCA frequency response: 17 hz ~ 100 KHZ (3 db)
Balance XLR (after the output transformer) frequency response: 15 Hz~30 kHz(3db)
THD: 0.5% (1 KHZ)
RCA input sensitivity: 250mV (output terminal 2v)
Balance (after the output transformer) input sensitivity: 500 mv (output terminal 2 v)
Input impedance: 100 kohms (RCA), 600 ohms (XLR)
Output impedance: 600kohms (RCA), 600 ohms (Balance XLR)
Tube Complement: 6KZ8 (thor), 6922 (universal), 22DE4 (RCA)
Dimension (W x D x H): 430 x 383 x 196 (mm)
Net weight: 20kg
Groos weight: 22kg
Power supply: AC 220V (+-5%) (50Hz)
Power Consumption: 45 w
working conditions: temperature 0℃~40℃ Moisture: 20% ~ 80%
storage conditions: temperature: - 20℃~70℃ Moisture: 20% ~ 90%

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