JungSon Impression CD&HDCD player and vacuum Buffer Module

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JungSon Impression CD&HDCD player and vacuum Buffer Module
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CD Player Module

a) Eight PCM1704k digital/analogue converter chips from Burr-Brown, USA. Each channel uses 4 chips for the balanced XRL or RCA output.
b) Two Burr-Brown′s DF1706 for up-sampling wave filtering. One for each channel.And eight Burr-Brown′s OPA627 chips for I/V converting, PPA2604 chips for wave filtering outputs.
c) Phillip′s CD-PRO2M transport is the king of CD transport in the world.And using JungSon′s patented 3-level power wave filtering circuits.
d) Technology on testing and controlling electronic field-effects on sound quality caused by independent electrical parts.Buffer circuits for isolated electrical parts.
JungSon′s unique square-shape transformer.
e) JungSon′s patented cover-top design which gathers the function displays, control buttons and disk-stabilizer into one unit.External design combines the classic beauty of eastern and wester sophistication.Aluminium alloy body structured by the International CNC Manufacture Centre, which has the first class capacity of anti-vibrations and anti-interference.

Sound-beautified Valve Buffer Module

a) Two 12AT7 vacuum tubes for balanced sound buffering amplification and one 6N9 vacuum tube for non-balanced sound buffering amplification
b) Three levels of electric power filtrations to insure the purity of the power supply,with unique sound optimizing technology.

Frequency Range: 2 Hz - 28 kHz
Dynamic Range: ≥ 100 dB
THD: ≤ 0.001%
Digital output: Optical output
Voltage: 220V ± 10 %
Analogue output: One balanced XLR output; one non-balanced RCA output
Dimensions: CD player: 380 × 380 × 150 mm;
Valve Buffer module: 380 × 144 × 180mm
Net Weight: CD player: 35 kg; Valve buffer module: 12 kg
Gross Weight: 50kg

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