G&W TW-A1.3SE single-ended Class A preamplifier Gawain circuit

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G&W TW-A1.3SE single-ended Class A hi-fi preamplifier Gawain circuit pre-amp new


The G&W TW-A1.3SE is a pure single-ended Class A preamplifier with 4 RCA signal inputs and 1 set of outputs
This is a single-ended Class A pre-amplifier, it has a good linearity, each output transistor is amplified signal full wave, there is no cross-distortion.
Performance in the sound will make people feel clear and transparent, prominent texture, sound superior and so on.

TW-A1.3SE or classic dual differential amplifier circuit
Japan ALPS potentiometer
BNC, ROE fever-level capacitor resistance,
The output coupling capacitor is the red WIMA film capacitor.
Input differential transistor using high input impedance JFET classic FET 2SK184,
The output stage is dominated by Toshiba fever famous transistor 2SA1358 / 2SC3421
70μm thick copper foil double sided gold plated printed circuit board
Imported R-type power transformers

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