CEN.GRAND 5i-ADS digital audio and video player DSD master tape Blu-ray music 4K

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CEN.GRAND 5i-ADS high-end digital audio and video player DSD master tape Blu-ray music 4K
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5i-ADS is a multi-functional high-performance audio and video player designed with HIFI standard to meet the audition needs of high-end HIFI users.


All items guaranteed 100% BRAND NEW in the original edition Box.


Supports Blu-ray music, DSD, PCM three audio formats, and has a number of high-performance digital audio output interfaces such as coaxial, BNC, AES/EBU, fiber, I2S, etc., providing high-performance front-end digital signals for external decoders.
The two-channel analog output uses the dual WM8741 chip structure. The essence of the 9i-AD: the discrete device output circuit is used in the output stage. The analog audio of the center surround and side surround subwoofer channels uses the WM8740 chip as the DAC.
The clock source is a suspended structure that guarantees the accuracy of the audio clock.
Support ipad remote control
Supporting high-definition 3D Blu-ray video, Marvell's QDEO technology delivers superior picture quality.
Dual HDMI can separate audio and video output for more outstanding transmission, and can increase the output resolution of 1920*1080P to 3840*2160P output (4K).

Storage method: Built-in hard disk type
Player Category: Hard Disk Player
Output resolution: 3840x2160
Dimensions: 60*40*20cm
Weight: 8K or so

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