Cayin iDAC-6MK2 Decoder WIFI Wireless DAC Bluetooth Support HiFi balanced USB

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Cayin iDAC-6MK2 WIFI Wireless DAC decoder Bluetooth Support HiFi balanced Decoder
100% Brand New

The price is for 1 Single Audiophile audio iDAC-6 Decoder.

Cayin iDAC-6MK2 Decoder
With US8 Audio, Optical, Coaxial, and AES/EBU Peripherals. Not only can you connect to a computer, but it can also be used with multiple sources such as CO.
With pre-level features. Convenient to switch lines or pre-roll out the bar switch. Gameplay rich and varied. Satisfy the user's different requests.
iDAC-6MK2 with electronic tube / product tube output tone selection, performance has its own merits. According to their own capacity to adjust the favorite tone state.
The machine has built-in SHARP droop, SLOW descent, SDSHARP dwell droop, SDSLOW descent, S.SLOW descent. Huan's filter mode brings different sense of hearing.
iDAC-6MK2 has positive and negative phase output selection function, can adapt to various channels of speakers / headphones.Make the experience easier to use
Download HiBy Music APP, connect to HHByLink via Bluetooth to finish playing songs and search songs on iDAC-6MK2 on the mobile phone. New song list, file management, etc. iDAC-6MK2can also be compatible with third-party universal Bluetooth remote control.
HiBylink is currently only available on Android phones


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iDAC-6MK2 General Specifications
Name/Model: Cayin iDAC-6MK2 Decoder
Supply power voltage: AC 220V±5% 50Hz
Frequency response: 20Hz~30kHz (±0.5dB, Fs=192kHz)
Power consumption: 30W
Coaxial, AES/EBU Receive Specifications: PCM up to 24Bit/192kHz
Optical fiber receiving specifications: PCM: up to 24Bit/176.4kHz
Output Level: Line Output RCA: 2.2V RMS BAL: 4.4V RMS
USB Receive Specifications: DSD
Supports DSD64 and DSD128:
PCM: Up to 32Bit/384kHz
Total harmonic distortion: Electron tube ≤0.8% (Fs=192kHz)
Signal to noise ratio :
Electronic tube ≥105dB (A weighting)
Transistor ≤ 0.004% (Fs=192kHz)
Electronic tube ≥110dB (A weighting)
Color choices: Silver
Weight: 3.8Kg
Dimension: 240mmX252mmX69mm (WxDxH)

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