Cayin H80A Class A Vacuum Tube FET integrated amplifier Hifi audio stereo amp

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Cayin H80A Class A HiFi Vacuum Tube FET pre-amp and Power amplifier integrated amplifier
100% Brand New

The price is for one set of HiFi audio Class A integrated Amplifier, with remote control.


New appearance design.
Cayin’s hybrid circuitry utilizes the best of both stereo worlds, in an aesthetically-pleasing brushed aluminum industrial casings, with the matching blue-lit power meters on the front to provide accurate usage tracking.
“H80A fulfilled its promise of delivering the best of tubes and the best of solid-state. The sound was sweet, smooth and exquisitely extended in the treble, with nary a trace of hardness or harshness.”
Innovative circuit design, highlighting the concept of fever, using electronic tube and FET hybrid circuit technology, give full play to the unique advantages of electronic tube and field effect tube.
The use of a central processor (CPU) to achieve intelligent control, full-featured remote control, perfect protection.
With a wealth of signal input and output terminals, specially equipped with balanced input terminals.
After the power amplifier stage sharing 24 strictly matched large current high-power field effect tube, with excellent current drive capability and excellent tone performance.
Equipped with an ultra-high power supply system. Two fully shielded 500-watt ring-shaped power transformers independently designed and produced by the company are used for the left and right channel power amplifier circuits, respectively
Electricity; using only imported 63V10000UF brand name filter capacitors, the whole capacity of the capacitor up to 130000UF or more. Ensure the strong power supply of the whole machine.
The power amplification stage works in Class A state with beautiful sound.
One 12au7 or 6922 electron tube per channel is used.
Left and right channels are equipped with independent large-scale audio level meters, full of dynamic


All items guaranteed 100% BRAND NEW in the original edition Box.



Model:Cayin H80A Amplifier
Power Output:80W+80W(RMS:8Ω)
Frequency Response:20Hz~20kHz(-1dB)
S/N Ratio:90dB
Input Sensitivity:450mV
Supply Voltage:AC 220V±5% 50Hz
Power Consumption: <750W
Input Impedance: 100kΩ
Net Weight:35kg
Gross Weight: 37kg
Dimension:440mm×533mm×235mm (W×D×H)

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