Cayin CDT-17A MK2 Deluxe edition Hi-end CD player USB tube decoding Ver.diamond

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Cayin CDT-17A MK2 Deluxe edition Hi-end CD player USB vacuum tube decoding HDCD music CD player.
100% Brand New

The price is for 1 Single of HiFi audio CD music player .

◆ Classic product upgrade, new aluminum alloy shape;
◆ Pure CD digital servo program, years of CD player design and production experience, redesigned movement level and suspension system;
◆ Advanced high-definition USB AUDIO technology, through the USB 2.0 interface to perfectly receive and decode the 24bit/192kHz high-definition digital audio signal output by the computer player, easily build HI-END-level computer music player platform;
◆ Industry-leading high-resolution digital audio receiving circuit, through the optical fiber receiving head and coaxial input terminal to receive and decode the high-definition audio playback device output 24bit/192kHz high-definition digital audio signal;
◆ Two prestigious PCM1792 top DAC digital-to-analog conversion chips to make full-balanced output, and the left and right channels are independently decoded;
◆ Four Dutch-made Amperex 6922 electron tubes for balanced and unbalanced line output buffer amplification, the sound quality is more beautiful and more pleasant;
◆ The voltage regulator circuit uses a Tung-Sol 12DT5 electron tube for power supply;
◆ Two ring power transformers, the analog and digital circuits are independently powered;
◆ Configuration 1 USB-B type terminal, 1 optical input terminal, 1 coaxial input terminal;


All items guaranteed 100% BRAND NEW in the original edition Box.


Name/Model: Cayin MT-CD45
Name/Model: Cayin CDT-17A MK2 Deluxe Edition
Frequency response: 20Hz-35kHz (±0.5dB, 24bit/192kHz)
Power Supply Voltage: AC 220V±5% 50Hz
Signal to noise ratio: 100dB
Vacuum tube: 12DT5×1, Dutch origin Amperex powder word 6922×4
Output Level: 2.3V RMS
Balanced output level: 4.0V RMS
Power consumption: <45w
Dynamic Range: ≥120dB
Harmonic distortion: ≤0.4% (tube output)
Net weight: 12kg
Gross weight: 13.5kg
Dimension: 440mm × 390mm × 130mm (W × D × H)

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