Cayin A-100T MK2 Power & integrated amplifier KT88x8 Vacuum Tube HiFi audio amp

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Cayin A-100T MK2 KT88x8 Vacuum Tube Power amplifier HiFi audio amp integrated amplifier
100% Brand New

The price is for one set of HiFi audio vacuum Tube Amplifier .

Cayin A-100T MK2 is not only a power amplifier but also an integrated amplifier. Pure Hand-made, point to point scaffolding welding Amplifier, with remote control and tube protective cover.

The new voltage amplifying and driving stages use the former Soviet Union 6H8C (6SN7) and Czech JJ 12 AU7 vacuum tubes.

Cayin A-100TMK2 brings you a beautiful and magical music tour
All aluminum shell CNC precision production, pure evacuated tube, pure hand-made, point to point scaffolding welding. The noise is controlled to a very low range, sweet and delicate, soft and pleasing to the touch.
The voltage amplification and drive stages used 6SN7 and 12AU7 vacuum tubes respectively. Four EL34 (KT88) vacuum tubes were used for each channel to perform AB1 parallel push-pull power amplification. The sense of speed, strength, and real texture of the electronic tube can't be compared with ordinary sound.
Triode and superlinear selection
A-100TMK2 provides triode and superlinear selection function. Transistor work mode, sound soft, pure and sleek, suitable for enjoying vocals, strings and other types of music; super-linear work style, sound open, unrestrained, good momentum, suitable for music, big dynamics and other types of music
High-quality transformer specially developed for this machine
Two high quality wide frequency response EI output transformers are used, using a ring power transformer developed specifically for this machine. The transformer is a key component in high-fidelity audio equipment. When it is self-manufactured, relevant technical requirements, winding data, manufacturing processes, and the quality of silicon steel, enameled wire, etc., all affect the sound quality of the device and the audio star.
Therefore, the transformer sound quality developed specifically for this machine will be even better!
Provides input jacks for professional equipment
The A-100TMK2 selected high-end parts, including high-grade RCA terminals, copper speaker terminal blocks, and B-plated gold-plated phosphor bronze pin ceramic sockets, provide tighter contact and improved sound details. A variety of nickname input terminals are available to allow you to easily access multiple audio source nicknames. Allows you to experience different audio sources different music experience!


All items guaranteed 100% BRAND NEW in the original edition Box.


Name/Model: Cayin A-100TMK2
Power supply voltage: AC 220V±5% 50Hz
Consumption work leather: 480W (upper limit), 280W
Using the electron tube: KT88x8, 6SN7x1, 12AU7x4
Output power: 45W+45W (RMS triple tube working state) 80W+80W (RMS super-line working state)
Frequency response: 8Hz~ 70kHz (-3dB)
Harmonic distortion: 1% (1kHz)
Output impedance: 4Ω 8Ω
Input impedance: 100kΩ
Signal to noise ratio: 92dB
Input sensitivity: 350mV ( integrated amplifier input) 1300mV (power amplifier input)
Net weight: 30kg
Gross weight: 32kg
Dimension: 420mmx394mmx200mm (WxDxH)

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