Bewitch M 211 vacuum tube Mono Block Power Amplifiers a pair

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A pair Bewitch M 211 vacuum tube Mono Block Power Amplifiers
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Bewitch M 211 tube Mono Block Power Amplifier Features:

Direct coupled transformer ---- + broadband to promote the perfect charm and style of interpretation 211

* Fixed bias voltage, B + for the 1100V high voltage, screen voltage 1080V high voltage, fully tap the 211 dynamic and tension.
* A class of single-ended output transformer coupling the final stage (Bandwidth: 7Hz-45kHz-1dB), so that the machine has a very good frequency response (output transformer voltage up to 5000V).
* Promote the use of broadband audio transformer coupled (bandwidth: 7HZ-70KHZ-1dB), and have made RC coupling can not match the dynamic and linear.
*. Machine amplifier circuit, in addition to some of the last stage and promote the use of transformer coupling, the other lines are DC-coupled (a total of two DC-coupled), without an audio coupling capacitor, coupling capacitor complete with audio, said Bye-Bye, eliminating the capacitance of sound coloration.
* The whole machine is no negative feedback, reduce intermodulation distortion
* Each channel is completely independent use, the sound separation higher.
* Hook hand scaffolding process.
* Use of combined machine can do, but also after class to use as a pure (external preamp), a variety of play fun.
* All transformers full machine warranty for 10 years, "five star" of the credit guarantee.
The basic circuit is the machine: the first stage 6SN7 common cathode amplification, direct coupled 6SN7 and promotion of the second class composed of single-ended output transformer, to promote the 211 last stage.

Bewitch M 211 Mono Tube Amplifier parameters:
Rated output power: 13W
Frequency response: 18 Hz-30KHz (-1dB)
Signal to Noise Ratio: 89dB (unweighted)
Total harmonic distortion: 1.5% (1KHz / 6.5W), 5% (1KHz / 13w)
Input Sensitivity: 400mv
Outputs: two sets of
Inputs: two groups
Output impedance: 8Ω, 4Ω
Input impedance: 100K
Dimensions: (L) 400x (W) 250x (high) 190mm /
Tube: Full music211X 1, Full music 6SN7 x1., Dawn 5Z3PA x1
Weight: 24 Kg /single, 48Kg / a pair
Gross weight: 50 kg for a pair
Power Supply Voltage: AC110V (± 10%) / 220V (± 10%) 60Hz/50Hz
(110V version and 60Hz version will take 7-21 work days to order),
220v version is in stock

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