Bewitch SN3008T Russia Tube Hi-end Pre-Amplifier 2011 new

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Bewitch SN3008T Russia Tube Hi-end Pre-Amplifier
100% Brand New


All items guaranteed 100% BRAND NEW in the original edition Box.


Improved eight points:
1. Reborn upgrade broadband sound, great changes than the low-phase-shift single-ended Class A output transformer (bandwidth: 5Hz-80kHz-1dB, ratio: 25:1, the phase shift <5 degrees) coupling.
2. Denmark DACT volume control using step-Need potentiometer
3. Signal channel output transformer leads related to connectivity and single crystal silver wire with a German
4. Rectifier with antique tube RCA 5R4GY.
5. Add a set of balanced inputs, conducive to high-end CD player playing enthusiasts.
6. Power plug end enthusiast Furukawa of Japan-style gold-plated plug end
7. The first stage amplifier power supply using a complex carved Lion ECC88
8. Fever cathode capacitance capacitor with top Black Gate.
Frequency response: 5Hz-60kHz-1dB
Input impedance: 250KΩ
Output impedance: 10Ω
Input Sensitivity: 222mV
Gain: 19dB
Power consumption: 150W
SNR:> 90dB
Dimensions: W 420mm x 450mm x 150mm (wide x high x deep)
Weight: 20Kg
Gross Weight: 22Kg
Tubes: 4 x 12AU7(EH) + 1 x 5AR4 + 1x 300B(EH)
+ [2 x 12AU7(EH) + 1 x WY-1 + 1 x 6922(EH)]
Power Supply: AC110V(±10%)/220V(±10%) 60Hz/50Hz (110V, 120V, 127V, 230V, 240V version will take 7-21 business days to order) 220v version is in stock.

SN3008T Collection tube pre-amp design talk
Deng Hong
Straight to the point, the SN3008 (modified after adjustment for the SN3008 Collection class, named SN3008T) level of improvement before the transformer is not an ordinary sense of the touch of fever, connection, change a few upgrades for a few capacitors and tubes "across boots itching "as plain artificial trouble, but the complete upgrade of the critical output transformer! Standard Edition SN3008 has been listed since 2008 many fans recognized and respected for the day into the audio gain excellent market reputation, the success of her strict sense of the vast majority of "output transformer" of success. Today, Standard Edition SN3008's audio output transformer on the international arena, fever is still very good. (Bandwidth: 7Hz-70kHz-1dB, Ratio: 25:1 inductance: 150H, leakage 6HN).
Why do I say? Because SN3008 using direct coupled, no negative feedback design, and not entirely compensate for the line. The quality of the output transformer is almost determined the overall performance of pre-amplifier. That this circuit design, when used as a pre-core output transformer, but the device off, the machine suddenly out of quality equal to "disgrace." Ever since the launch of the Standard Edition SN3008 young, we first developed a "drastic change than both, and broadband sound" mature output transformer, fundamental to an effective solution to the output transformer inductance, leakage inductance, distributed capacitance between these mutually conflict sensitive issues.
Then the output transformer upgrade the technical specifications in the end what happens? As we all know, the output inverter wider frequency response, the greater the inductance of course, is the extreme dream! However, the greater the inductance, leakage inductance and distributed capacitance greater. Brushed the morning mist, we adjust the output transformer upgrade in the same time increasing its inductance, but also eloquently reduce its leakage inductance and distributed capacitance! More important is the performance output transformer phase shift in the general people tend to overlook the details, and more drastically reduced, making difficult to imagine! Transformer materials, processes are all re-arranged and designed, is equal to re-develop! As early as three years ago on the occasion of this transformer into Qingping, from the selected material to the process of arrangement and the transformer around the law, are repeated verification, today was able to mature Road, Nanshan received power, and finally leapfrog production a bandwidth of 5Hz-80KHz (-1dB), inductance: 250H, leakage inductance 1.5HN, low-frequency phase shift is less than 5 degrees of the best first-class special output transformer, which is the day into "self-transcendence, self-improvement" and a leap in the nature of which we return to the community, compassionate music sound elite, enthusiasts of a questionnaire.
Over the years, we always adhere to the plant's machine from an objective perspective, to enhance the core competitiveness is a deep understanding of the circuit and transformer quality of repeated temper! Insisted that the highest priority. Is the distinction between high and mediocre watershed. Transformer will be installed in the new system on the Standard Edition 3008, around without making any changes. On the most direct sense the sound is more natural extension of both ends of the wide, high frequency is very fine and smooth, full frequency more moist loose, fluffy and deep bass are enlivened. Obstruct the wide sound field and vast, in the sense of more low-frequency scale is quite different, greatly increased the amount of information, more details such as Tsui charge with dew. Ji very presence more!
Of course, sound quality and overall performance in order to force icing on the cake, in addition to fine-tune the operating point again. Surrounding components also make the necessary adjustments accordingly:
1 Denmark DACT volume control using step-Need potentiometer.
2-channel signal and the output transformer connections associated with a German lead crystal silver wire.
3 rectifier with antique tube RCA 5R4GY.
4 add a set of balanced inputs, which will help high-end CD player playing enthusiasts.
5 Plug the power end enthusiast Furukawa of Japan-style gold-plated plug end
6 more magnification power supply circuit using the first-class replica of the Golden Lion 6922
7 fever cathode capacitance capacitor with top Black Gate.
With the above understanding and tireless pursuit and exploration, days into the 3008T's voice will surely mark a new beginning, a new standard, a high return:
Yu Kam-day camel, almost transparent mirror with the wind south high thin cloud of silky contours.
Reflect the lake in the evening under the oblique rays golden strands and dynamic jump; Stir rain in the southern spring tide like a moist feeling.
Such as the alpine-like gush of IF fulfillment.
Low-frequency peaks of the Alps-like expression, and vacant as Jiao Jian brave fighting like skiing dynamic, impact, speed, ability to describe.
Grand Canyon in the wind and pull coherence camel camel eagle dive transient.
This is after we verify the descriptions of the day into the Hi-End.
SN3008T Qinggemanwu to clearly distinguish the differences in the contents recording.

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