Best Match! Bewitch Music Angel hifi A84 amp + S8 speakers

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Best Match! Bewitch Music Angel hifi A84 Amplifier + S8 speakers Brand New 


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Main features:

Bewitch Hi-Fi Music Angel system
    Bewitch Hi-Fi music Angel system is the 2007 Guangzhou days into the latest audio enthusiast systems, including Bewitch S8 speakers and the Bewitch A84 tube amp, without the appearance of a lack of stylish classical shape, bears among the elegant simplicity of the details of the deal, work very delicate. Overall performance with detailed sound sweet, thick-run charming. 15 square meters for playback Hi-FI music.

A-84 tube amplifier
* Panel used 30MM crafted of precious sandalwood car.
* 24K gold-plated copper knob used, feel good.
* Point of contact with aluminum machine feet, reduce resonance.
* 15mm thick cold-rolled plate "seamless" the number of red imported case, the number of machining a curved shape, the craft fine, wonderful workmanship.
* Mold processing of the entire stretch transformer shell, beautiful to the extreme.
* Output transformers days into the unique broadband response, low distortion, cross-layer stacked output transformer, coupled with excellent Z11 silicon steel imports and imports of paint 6N
 Package wire wound.
* Power transformer silicon steel sheet and imported enameled wire wound 6N imports of EI-type strong cattle.
* Material is tonic internal clouds: The Japanese ALPS potentiometer, mountain power switch, the United Kingdom EVOX capacitor, electrolytic chemical ruby ​​Japan, Taiwan
 24K gold-plated binding posts and RCA jacks amber type, etc. make it sound even better.
* Frequency Response: 30Hz-60KHz
* Output power: 12W
* Input impedance: 100K
* Input Sensitivity: 0.5V
* Damping Factor: 3.5
* Output Impedance: 4 ohms 8 ohms
* Tube: 6P14 × 4 6N3 × 2
* Distortion rate: 1.5% at 12W, 0.6% at 6W
* Dimensions (D × W × H): 330 × 230 × 140 mm
* Weight: 8.5kg/pcs
Gross weight: 10kg
Power Supply Voltage: AC110V (± 10%) / 220V (± 10%) 60Hz/50Hz
                      (110V version and 60Hz version will take 7-14 work days to order),
                      220v version is in stock..

A8 speakers

* Cherry mahogany leather finishes.
* Based on Rogers (Rogers) LS3/5A speaker sound reference for the efficiency, the frequency of their invincible and full-bodied sound to play ultimate.
* 1-inch tweeter and 5-inch bass on their own through trial and development, each pair of speakers is high, strict screening woofer matched by the precision divider design, frequency response
  Flat, music, strong infection.
* Speaker: Road two units (sealed speaker)
* Bass: 5 "X1
* 1 "silk tweeter membrane: x1
* Frequency response: 50Hz-20KHz
* Input power: 10-80W
* Sensitivity: 88dB
* Impedance: 8 ohms
* Dimensions (W × H × D): 170 × 300 × 201 mm
* Weight: 9kg/2pcs
Gross weight: 10kg/a pair

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