Bada MA-3 MKII MA-100 MKII Hybrid Pre&Power Amplifier

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BADA MA-3MKII tube pre-amplifier + MA-100MKII post amplifier, 15th Anniversary Edtion Hybrid amplifier
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CCC NO.:2003010802008424
Product implementation standards no.: Q / DSFG 1-2003
Record No.:QB0440600 33 1607-2003

1. preamp is full tube design
2. tube impedance matching circuit set in pre in
3. tube impedance matching circuit set in pre out
4. voltage amplification uses field-effect tube
5. current amplification uses field-effect tube
6. voltage and current amplification adopt separate power supply

Anniversary edtion

MA-3MKII/MA-100MKII Introduction
MA-3MKII is full tube pre-amplifier, using military-grade straight welding type micro tube to produce. Input and output level are equipped with impedance matching circuit, output stage also uses a parallel twin-tube cathode output circuit, low output impedance, a very strong driving force, to work with audio and a good matched power amplifier, to reach high-fidelity transmission requirements. The main amplifier circuit adopts the form of negative feedback circuit,has a good transient, music with rich in emotions. It also has functions of remote control, easy to operate.
Sound features:
Voice,string music nature and true, is a human interest,memorable,audiable ,tastable tube preamplifier.
The MA-100MKII power amplifier using aluminum alloy case, built-in radiators, stylish appearance. Input stage using operational amplifier, to ensure the consistency and stability, and then into a common base transistor circuit ,make the circuit of high-frequency response and samll distortion. Voltage amplification using pair field-effect tube K214/J77 into a common source output circuit,current drive using a pair of Hitachi K1058/J162 high-power FET, and then is willing to promote the three pairs of three parallel high-power output tube. Voltage amplification and current amplification of their independent work, eliminate the impact of speaker back-EMF voltage amplification, to improve transparency and transient capacity. Voltage amplification and current amplification adopts independent power supply transformer to reduce the mutual influence between the twos. Voltage amplification also uses A class regulated power supply,make the music more natural sound, the detail more vivid.
Sound features: music is transparent and nature, a broad sound field, a good balance, full, good adaptability.


Frequency Response :20Hz~20kHz(±3dB)
S/N Ratio:≥85dB
Output power:Class A 10W+10W(8ohms)
Class AB 110W+110W(8ohms)
Class AB 190W+190W(4ohms)
Power Voltage:AC110V/220V 60Hz/50Hz(110V version will take 3-14work days to order)

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