BADA LB-3310 Hi-end Power purifier & filter PLant universal HiFi power socket

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BADA LB-3310 Hi-end Power purifier & filter PLant universal HiFi power socket
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As we all know, there are more and more digital products for household use, and the industrial power consumption of the surrounding commercial enterprises is becoming more and more complicated. Therefore, the clutter interference of the power grid is becoming more and more serious. These clutter will affect the quality of the reduction of audio-visual equipment and blur the sound image. The positioning is unclear. The power filter can improve the quality of the audio and video, make the details clear, the background is clean, and at the same time, the high-definition picture can be made clearer and the color is soft. The filter also has over-current protection against lightning strikes, and the audio-visual equipment is more Safety.
Professional high-quality power socket, thick copper, good elasticity, tight contact, effectively reduce the current reflection and loss of contacts, to ensure the accuracy of audio and video.
Use high-quality inductor coils, mixed with WIMA-MKP10 and safety capacitors to ensure effective filtering with low loss.
Replaceable AC power input line for easy upgrade.
With lightning lightning and over-current protection device, it is safe to use.

voltage: AC 220V/50Hz
Maximum load power: 2500W
Maximum current: 10A

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