1MORE E1001L HIFI earphones Lightning MFI IOS Certificate In-ear Music earbud

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One more E1001 Hi-Fi earphones Music earplugs Grammys master Cost performance
100% Brand New

Three-unit ring iron, Grammy recording master


All items guaranteed 100% BRAND NEW in the original edition Box.


1. With Hi-Fi, full core exploration, 1MORE three-unit ring iron headphones, Lightning digital version, Apple official MFi certification
Lightning digital audio technology enables high-definition listening experience, double-action iron and single-action three-unit reproduction of rich details, Grammy recording master tone
2. Portable HD listening body, Lightning plug, HD audio technology
The headset uses a Lightning plug and comes with a high-definition digital decoding chip. When the music is transmitted from the mobile phone to the headset, the signal is not lost. Compared with the traditional analog technology, the 3.5mm interface can reduce the sound quality of the wire and the socket. Loss and noise caused by poor contact, and the use of higher-end audio circuits than the built-in device of the mobile phone, resulting in a significant improvement in sound quality.
3. The three units are driven together, and the listeners are rich and moved.
The acoustic structure design of “single moving ring + double moving iron” brings natural street connection and delicate resolution to achieve a rich, balanced and balanced listening.
4. Independent research and development of low distortion moving iron, high resolution and rich details
The 1MORE self-developed moving iron unit has high sensitivity, low distortion performance, high stability, no signal loss in the high frequency part, and more complete and accurate analysis and restoration of music, allowing the ears to hear more realistic and rich music details. ,
5. Patent structure metal composite diaphragm, three-band balanced new resolution
The use of a metal composite diaphragm, the patented "sandwich structure" * design: to bring more extended treble details, while ensuring a mellow midrange and strong bass effect. This makes the tri-band of the headphones more balanced, and also upgrades the resolution to a new level.
* Utility model patent, patent number: ZL201520152105.9

Product Name: 1MORE E1001L
Whether wire control: YES
Sensitivity: 99dB/mW
Headphone sound principle: dynamic
Applicable music types:Vocal, female voice, popular
Impedance: 32Ω
Frequency Response: 20-20000Hz
Color classification: Gold
Wearing method: In-ear
Headphone type: wired
With or without microphone: With
Plug: 3.5mm
Headphone plug type: Lighting
Headphone output source: HIFI
Cord Length: 1.25m
Headphones category: Smart Headphones, HIFI Headphones
Brand: 1MORE
Headphone model: E1001L
Function: Recording
Manufacturer: 1MORE
Package Type: Official Standard
Net Weight: 18g

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