1 MORE E1017 In-ear Double din stereo earphones Drive-by-wire Micphones Earplugs

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1 MORE E1017 In-ear Double din stereo earphones Drive-by-wire Micphones Earplugs
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Double unit ring iron, graphene vibration


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1. Black Rhapsody, 1MORE, double unit ring iron headphones
Graphene moving coil unit and moving iron unit, ergonomic sound chamber, comfortable and sealed noise, precise metal technology is simple and thin
2. Ear hearing is true, low distortion moving iron unit + graphene moving picture unit
"Single moving ring + single moving iron" structure design, the moving coil unit is responsible for the medium and low frequency, the moving iron unit is responsible for the high frequency, natural frequency band transition, balance and power, high resolution ability to express the level of sound, so that it can be heard see
3. Naturally restored sound, graphene composite diaphragm
The graphene material with excellent acoustic performance is light, hard, and damped, with relatively low distortion, excellent balance between internal resistance and acoustic velocity, and accurate and accurate resolution and transmission. With the PET diaphragm layer, the low frequency dive is more powerful. When they interpret sound together, they are more natural and clear.
4. Fully capture the subtle sound, certified by Hi-Res Audio of Japan Audio Association
The high-sensitivity, low-distortion performance, and high stability of the moving iron unit work together to extend the high-frequency range to 40,000 Hz, and is certified by the Japan Audio Association "Hi-ResAudio" to capture music details and present a complete musical texture. It is recommended to listen to music with a Hi-Res Audio-certified front-end device for better music.
5. Independent microphone channel, no need for handheld wire control design
The remote microphone is completely separated from the ground of the left and right channels, solving the acoustic crosstalk problem, and the sound quality is higher. One-sided wire-controlled single-sided design, close to the face, no need to hold, easy to talk and control.
6. Retractable and durable portable Kevlar tensile wire
The headphone core wraps the Kevlar fiber, which is tensile and durable. The surface of the earphone cord is made of braided wire and TPE, which makes it more flexible and less entangled. It also helps to reduce the "stethoscope effect" and less friction sound, allowing you to enjoy more clear music.
*Hi-Res Certification Number: HRA-0058-15
*The meaning of this logo is certified by the Japan Audio Association to fully reproduce high-resolution music. High-resolution music refers to a music format in which the sound data is out of the CD sound quality.

Product Name: 1MORE E1017
Whether wire control: YES
Sensitivity: 98dB/mW
Headphone sound principle: dynamic & balanced armature hybrid
Applicable music types:Vocal, female voice, popular style
Impedance: 32Ω
Frequency Response: 20-40000Hz
Color classification: Black
Wearing method: In-ear
Headphone type: wired
With or without microphone: With
Plug: 3.5mm
Headphone plug type: L-shaped
Headphone output source: HIFI
Cord Length: 1.25m
Headphones category: Smart earphones, HIFI earphones
Brand: 1MORE
earphone model: E1017
Function: Recording
Manufacturer: 1MORE
Package Type: Official Standard
Net Weight: 15g

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